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Thread: Disappearing inbox.

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    Default Disappearing inbox.

    Hello all, so I have this odd problem...

    About 3 weeks ago a user came to me and told me that he was in his inbox, stepped away from his computer for about 15 minutes, and when he came back his entire inbox was emptied out.

    I checked his trash, I checked everything in his interface and they were nowhere to be found. I went to the server and checked through all the logs regarding his account, found nothing, no errors of any kind going on.

    Went to the admin interface and tried that re-link thing but that didn't work either.

    Yesterday someone came to me and said the same thing happened. They were using their e-mail normally, assured me they did nothing else, got up and came back and inbox completely emptied. Nothing in trash, nothing anywhere, nothing in logs...

    Really at a loss this time. Not sure what do to, any ideas?

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    what version of Zimbra are you using?

    see dumbster feature docs (recovery deleted files) and check your security network logs for any abuse. Check also your mysql error log - /opt/zimbra/log
    # ZCS 7.1.3 SLES11 SP1

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