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Thread: How to Get Support Login

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    Question How to Get Support Login

    Hi all ...

    I have a quick question regarding support. I am running Zimbra Network Edition and my license includes "Advantage Support" ... I have never used it, however I have run into a problem where I would like to open a ticket. I just realized that I don't have an account to log in to the support portal. Where would I go to create one of those? I can log in to my VMWare account, but those credentials don't work for the Zimbra Support Portal.

    Any suggestions on where to go are greatly appreciated.


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    You should have received details of support when you first purchased the ZCS NE licence, someone in your organisation should have been given the details of of the support portal login. If you can find those details then you should contact support directly, the email address for support is on the main login page of the Support Portal.


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    Thanks ... The person that originally purchased Zimbra is long gone, so I will have to email support. Thanks again!

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