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Thread: How to connect external Kerio LDAP

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    Default How to connect external Kerio LDAP

    I configure the Global Address List connect to external LDAP.
    What is LDAP filter, and why into an example is:
    (&(|( cn=*%s*)( sn=*%s*)( gn=*%s*)( mail=*%s*)( zimbraMailDeliveryAddress=*%s*)
    ( zimbraMailAlias=*%s*)( zimbraMailAddress=*%s*))
    (|( objectclass=zimbraAccount)( objectclass=zimbraDistributionList)))
    What does this mean?
    I try connect to external LDAP on Kerio Mail Server but get fail result in test.

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    & - it's logical AND operation
    | - it's logical OR operation.

    For connect to Kerio Mail Server LDAP base use:
    LDAP search base - fn=ContactRoot
    LDAP filter: (|(mail=*%s*)(givenName=*%s*)(displayName=*%s*)(Mo bile=*%s*)) or other,
    kerio not supported anonymous LDAP connection, use DN/password.

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