Hello, developers,

My company would like to replace our internal shared calendar with one using our Zimbra server. We know how to get the free/busy info, and that's all working fine, but yesterday i hit a wall...

a) Free/Busy is returning a lot of 1-second slots. From what i can tell (though i cannot say with 100% certainty), there refer to repeating appointments. Since there is no way to map these to their origin appointment (and therefore now way to know their durations), i've got to exclude these from the end user's view. That's the smaller problem, though...

b) Insofar as i can tell, the only way to fetch calendar data is via the SearchRequest. Also insofar as i can tell, it offers no way to fetch public calendar entries for _other_ users.

So my questions are:

1) Is there a Request for fetching public calendar entries for users other than the one who is logged in?

2) Is the "query" parameter for SearchRequest documented anywhere? The requests i've snooped from the ajax client just send cryptic numbers, e.g. "inid:\"10\" OR inid:\"16000\"".