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Thread: URL encoding for files with accents via web

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    Default URL encoding for files with accents via web


    we installed
    Release 7.1.2_GA_3268.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 NETWORK edition
    and tried to upload files with german Umlauts ("ńŘ÷") via Web.
    In the file preview as well as when we try to download the file, the following error is shown:

    HTTP ERROR 404
    Problem accessing /service/home/ Reason:
        no such item
    Powered by Jetty://
    If I change the percent-encoded URL manually to "[...]/Řbersicht.png" in the address bar, the file gets opened.

    I already changed the $LOCALE in the underlying ubuntu system to de_DE.UTF-8.

    The OS, with wich the file is uploaded is set to unicode as default for character encoding.
    Maybe there's a connection to, but I do not see how to change to UTF-8 any further. Is this a property setting for Jetty? how do I change it's behaviour?

    Via Webdav(s)://, access to the file works.

    Any help would be very apperciated
    thanks, chris

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    Although I searched in the forum, I didn' find the following:

    Guess this Thread could be marked as solved ;-)

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