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Thread: Mail > Autocomplete > Ignore

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    Default Mail > Autocomplete > Ignore


    we are using ZCS 7.1.3 NE and we have there in the webclient this neat feature with the autocomplete adresses when writing an email for example...

    After each of the suggestions there is this "ignore" button...

    1. What happens exactly when I use this button?
    2. Where can I view the ignored items?
    3. how can I undo such an ignore?

    Thanx in advance for a hint or two!


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    you mean "Forget"?

    There is a list of email addresses that you have emailed in the past but are not actual contacts. They're storred under the Emailed Contacts folder under the contacts tab. pressing 'forget' will remove them from this list. i don't think theres a way to undo it

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