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Thread: zimbra send email from one account to the same account from it self

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    Default zimbra send email from one account to the same account from it self

    Hello to everyone,

    i have one installation with zimbra 6xx version. I have problem with 2 accounts, everyday zimbra sends 10-15 email from 2 accounts to the same accounts.
    The emails looks like spam but the sender and the recipient is the same.
    I have the problem for last 2-3 days.
    Can someone have the same problem?

    Index of email:

    CV: #517

    I would like to draw your attention to inform you that the West Union Group Company
    start the recruitment process and give you a great opportunity to start
    Your Career NOW with many benefits and advantages of position.

    If you decided to take a break in your career or you are on maternity leave
    retired or simply looking for additional part-time jobs, this position is right for you.

    Hours: flexible hours 1 to 3 hours a day.
    We guarantee approximately 20 hours work week.

    Salary and Benefits: starting salary ranges from 2000 to 2500 euros a month plus additional fees,
    if they fulfilled all the tasks accurately.

    Location: European Union.

    Please note that no payments or any other tricks to start working for us.

    If you are interested and want to request an application form for this position,
    to arrange the interview and or simply get more information about this item
    before applying, please reply to this email and send us your information.

    On the issue of e-mail please enter a personal identification number is your position IDNO: 517

    If interested, please reply to this, Thank You,

    West Union Group

    The body of email is in Greek language but i traslate to english to understand it. But the translation in Greek language isnt good and maybe translated automatically from software translator.

    Thanks a lot.
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