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Thread: Manaagement/Admin API?

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    Question Manaagement/Admin API?

    Seeking an API so our internal Zimbra-admin team can write scripts (we typically leverage Python for this sort of thing) to do at least the following:

    1. Add a new user/mbox, and associate said mbox with dist lists and aliases
    2. Report on which users/mboxes are subscribed to which dist lists

    (Per #1: we want to copy "dist list subscription" templates to a new-user-account-creation task to make onboarding new users much easier. Per #2: we need to provide weblinks to our stakeholders so that they can easily determine who is subscribed to what lists. There may be several, additional use cases to serve that are related to this general admin space, but these are the 2 ones on our minds at the moment.)

    This is closest thing we could find in brief search:
    File: README

    Main questions: Do other resources exist to serve this purpose? Is this a popular Zimbra-admin request/activity?

    Fwiw, the following seems less like a "management" API:
    ZCS 6.0:Zimbra REST API Reference - Zimbra :: Wiki
    ...which appears to be more of a data/mailbox-content API. Doesn't appear to handle above use cases... unless we missed something.


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    Any thoughts...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrostarr View Post
    Any thoughts...?
    Extending Admin UI


    Acompli: A new adventure for Co-Founder KevinH.

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