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Thread: 1 set of users with two domains?

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    Default 1 set of users with two domains?

    I have a machine now, It's a mail/web server and receives mail locally. I want to move mail services off of it onto a zimbra box, The plan was to migrate users one at a time over to zimbra, and then set up a per-user forward on host1 that points to When everyone is migrated over, I was going to change the DNS MX record on to point to Can I get zimbra to receive mail for also, without creating a separate set of users for that domain? I need to leave the old machine up and running, because it is also my webserver, so I'm relying only on the MX record to send the mail to zimbra..

    Does this sound do-able?


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    Does this page in the wiki sound like your setup?


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    I won't have 2 operational mail servers.. just 1. After I migrate all my users over to the zimbra box, I'll change the MX record for to point to
    So my zimbra machine ( will need to recieve mail for both itself and, with 1 set of users common to each. I.e
    mail is sent to
    MX record redirects it to
    zimbra receives mail for and drops it in the same mailbox it would drop mail for

    Although looking at that wiki again, perhaps I could substitute my second domain in place of the second physical server in that example.. but then I'd still need two separate sets of users, right?

    Basically I just want to have mail destined for users@ either of those hosts be received by zimbra and go to the same mailbox..

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    this is confusing. let's separate the idea of mail domain ( vs machine hostname ( and or do you really have are you planning to change the domain to if not, the split domain is probably the way to go

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