Hi everybody.

I'm having some troubles with resources/locations not auto-accepting appointments even if configured to do so.

Some informations about the server:
Zimbra OSE 7.1.3p1 on Debian 5 64bit

Update History: 6.0.3_GA_1915.RHEL5_64
6.0.6_GA_2324.DEBIAN5_64 (OS changed following the guide on the Zimbra wiki)
Patches always applied when available

I never tried using Resources or Locations before installing version 6.0.13 so I can't really tell if auto-accept worked before, but neither on 6.0.13 nor on 7.1.3 I've had any success.

All tests have been done on a newly created account with a newly created COS (standard settings) just to be sure that the problem isn't related to account/cos changes during updates.

I tried both "Auto Accept if Available, auto decline on Conflict" and "Auto Accept Always" as Schedule Policies, and while I can see both zimbraCalResAutoAcceptDecline and zimbraCalResAutoDeclineIfBusy correctly set in the account properties no appointments are automatically accepted whatsoever.

I also tried to set up a couple of account loggers (on both zimbra.mailbox and zimbra.calendar categories - both at debug level) but I couldn't see anything related to auto-accept.

Did this happen to anyone else? Any ideas on what else I could check?
I use resources and locations succesfully in many other servers, but I am completely out of ideas in this particular case

Best Regards,