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Thread: Random logger service restarts

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    Default Random logger service restarts

    I get random restarts of the logger service. I'll get a pair of emails about how the logger stopped, and then how it restarted a minute later. It happens at RANDOM times. Some days, many times; other days not at all. There seems to be no rhyme or reason.

    My machine is an older, Intel 915-based, dual-core job. I spent some money and time expanding it to 4 GB and installing 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04, hoping this would help the problem. It hasn't. Also, the BIOS seems to be limiting the RAM to 3.2 GB. I mean, it says I have 4 GB, but then there's a POST message about how the BIOS is reserving 800 or so MB for "resources." It's REALLY frustrating. I've played with the settings, but can't get it lower than 732.

    I've searched about this problem excessively. Many people have it, but I can't find any answers. Every time this comes up, someone links to the "4:02 am" problem. I am definitely NOT experiencing that problem.

    It FEELS like there's an OOM watchdog which is killing that service. Does Zimbra have a process like that?

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    Well, I upgraded to the latest version, hoping this might help, and now I'm getting a PAIR of MTA service restarts. I've already gotten 2 in 4 hours.

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