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    Smile [SOLVED] Name on "From" line incorrect

    I created an account and set:
    First Name: George
    Middle initial: J. (note the period)
    Last Name: Smith

    This created a display name of (with the auto box checked)
    George J.. Smith (note the two periods after the J)

    I changed the middle initial to be
    Jr (note the R and no period)

    This created a display name of (with the auto box checked)
    George Jr. Smith

    This also updated the name in the global address list.


    Any email created using the web interface or using Outlook (with the zimbra connector) has a from line of:

    George J.. Smith <>

    Also Outlook displays the "J.." at the top of the folder list.

    Going back to the administrative tool and removing the check from "auto" box and changing the Display name to just "George Smith" does not change the name put on the from line.

    Any suggestions?

    I am running 7.1.2_GA_3268 Network Edition.
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