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Thread: Changing Organizer of a Meeting

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    Default Changing Organizer of a Meeting

    Hello Zimbra,

    I have searched the help blogs of Zimbra and not having any luck finding what I need, but that could be because I am not searching for the correct item or I am labeling it wrong. Here is what I have:

    I schedule a meeting in Zimbra and invite attendees. I believe I end up being the organizer or scheduler of the meeting ( I am not sure if I am called the organizer or the scheduler) and my name is grayed out or not selectable in the list of attendees. If after the meeting is scheduled and I can not attend, but I don't want to be the scheduler or organizer anymore...How do I delegate someone else to be the organizer or scheduler of the meeting?

    Can you point me in the right direction of documentation on how to accomplish this.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me with this,

    David Pendleton
    Sococo - IT Support Analyst
    650-265-7013 X-807

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    It's not currently doable, at least not easily. See these bug reports/threads for ideas on how it might be possible, but you'd have to work out the details yourself.

    Bug 27647 – Ability to assign ownership (ie change organizer) of meetings based on search criteria

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