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Thread: would like advice on my backup script please

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    Quote Originally Posted by spectra View Post
    Very well then Tripple
    One question that wasn't addressed.
    Will your strategy work if my production server was Ubuntu 804LTS 64bit and I build new server with Ubuntu 10 0 4 LTS 64bit ?
    I've never tried it that way. Indeed if you want to do a major OS upgrade you'll have to use a backup as well. One of these days I'll try this in a test environment.

    Backup Zimbra
    Clean install Major OS Upgrade
    Install same ZCS version
    Replace /opt/zimbra from backup
    Upgrade ZCS with the same version
    (Upgrade ZCS to a newer version)

    From your live experience, I take it that the OS and FOSS versions were precisely the same. Yes or No

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripple View Post
    Might work, maybe not.
    Why did you leave these lines out of the script after you stop Zimbra:

    sleep 15
    ORPHANED=`ps -u zimbra -o "pid="` && kill -9 $ORPHANED
    This code is there to make sure there's no Zimbra process running.

    Frankly, I didn't add it cause I don't understand the code. I tried to keep it simple as possible without any complicated code

    My log I posted didn't complain about any locked files. I will have to watch it and decide on that code

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    XKill911 with all respect I'll have to agree with both of you. I too subscribe to don't use what you don't understand. However in this case, Tripple is correct and now you do know what the code does.

    I've been running zimbra servers for a while now. I've been pouring over many scripts. Yes, all the good ones do issue some typeof kill all for zimbra processes.

    So, I conclude and urge others to add that code, I did.
    I also know that the day will come when something is floating out there that will mess you up. I deem this kill -9 to be matter of thoroughness.

    An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

    Thanks to both of you for your work and contributions

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    So just to be clear I'll make the scenario live and factual.
    Im restoring FOSS 713 - Ubuntu 64 bit 10 0 4 LTS
    I assume all steps done as root or sudo - userid not zimbra though ? correct

    1. Setup your server with the same OS and the same Zimbra version.
    So FOSS 713 - Ubuntu 64 bit 10 0 4 LTS
    install and fully patch OS
    install 713 zimbra

    2. Delete /opt/zimbra
    ok that's easy

    3. Replace /opt/zimbra with your backup
    I would use scp to move over my tgz file to the new server
    I then untar to /opt/zimbra

    4. Run the Zimbra installer once more and update your ZCS
    run the zimbra installer again ? Is that what this step is about
    So ./
    Finally, are you saying if there's a patch for the release you install that patch that the update part.

    So for the good zimbra folks out there let's remove any ambiguity

    Again, thanks a million fellas

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