So I turned off anon access to ldap again after confirming it was working as anon.

Can't get _anything_ to connect now, thunderbird and outlook both just fail. Outlook gives me a "Invalid DN (34)" message, thunderbird gives me nothing at all.

I know people suggest simply leaving it open and using IPTables / other firewalling to secure it off, but this simply wont work - we have iphones / blackberries which will also be connecting to the ldap / caldev / etc and so then their IP's constantly change, and theres no vpn that I know of that works on the iPhone.

Do I need to enable something so I'm able to login?
Thunderbird doesn't actually even request any login details, outlook has the option to say "I need to login" but I put the username I use to login and my password and it still fails to connect.

Any help / ideas will be very much appreciated. There's nothing in the logs to indicate whats going wrong.

Many Thanks