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Thread: Migration from SLES 11 Part 2 (Ldap addessbook)

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    Default Migration from SLES 11 Part 2 (Ldap addessbook)

    Hi to all.

    Now that I have managed to set up the server and get email routing to work, I need to migrate our ldap addressbook to Zimbra addessbook

    I have managed to setup our ldap addressbook to be a Gal in gal mixed mode, so email address auto complete works

    In order to migrate I need first to know how is best to do.

    1. Create one or several addressbooks as admin and share to users in order to be able to specify permissions to read or add entries.

    2. made visible in the addressbook search the GAL to be able to drag and drop from our GAL in ldap to the addessbooks of point 1, we don't have a very large addressbook (less than 3000 entries) so maybe drag and drop is a viable option

    Second point is fixed, the problem was the syncgal accounts, now I also fixed some minor ldap mappings to retrieve the right fields in the zimbra gal (like o -> company)

    so the question now is only best approach for company shared address books

    Any other best option to accomplish this?

    many thanks
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    Hi to all again.

    I found a problem with the drag and drop option.

    I don't have a way of making a search in the GAL that return all records.

    Also If I search by letters:
    - first search for a -> drang 'n drop
    - search for b -> drang 'n drop

    I found that I get duplicated entries

    Also I found a bug that if I search by c, the search keeps getting new records when I go down and repeats the same records forever. (passed 10000 records and my ldap don't have so much)

    so I repeat the question.

    Is there any way to make a search that return all GAL records?


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