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Thread: Open Source Backup strategy in 7.1.3 (with recover of deleted items)

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    Default [SOLVED] Open Source Backup strategy in 7.1.3 (with recover of deleted items)

    Hi To all.

    I have been reading wiki of FOSS backup and several forum threads regarding FOSS backup, but almost all information is not considering the new functionality of recover of deleted items.

    So I want to ask expert administrators if this functionality could change the backup and restore strategy.

    I'm new to zimbra and in our current email server (cyrus) all email is saved as plain files on a folder hierarchy, so we backup this email folders and are able to restore individual email folders, but our real restore issues are from users who accidentally deleted an email and they find in a few days that they don't have it. Also we had cases when we can't restore, because the user deleted the item in the same day and we didn't baked up yet.

    We maintain a backup politic of full weekly backups (on friday) and daily incremental backups from monday to thursday (we don't work on weekend). Also we maintain only a Month of this backups, rotating tapes, combined with a full yearly backup.

    So thinking on the backup options, seems that this could be similar to take the full + incremental backups (with lvm snapshot) in order to cover disaster recovery, and replace the restore of individual mails to the new functionality of recover deleted objects.

    Do you think I'm missing some point?

    Many thanks
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