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Thread: Help with mail command

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    Default [SOLVED] Help with mail command

    Hi to all

    I have just installed Zimbta 7.1.3 on top of a new SLES 11 sp1 installation and have it working

    Now I was testing one of the oss backups (

    and when i tested did not receive any email with the backup info.

    so i tested the email command on my system with

    mail -s test

    the body

    and the system accept the command but seems to don't send mail

    I don't know where to look as in my other systems is postfix who handle this mails, but here the default postfix is not active, but the zimbra one. So where to look?



    I have just configured the standard postfix to run in another port (change in, then started it and now the mail command works
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