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Thread: Server status red "x"s

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    Default [Solved] Server status red "x"s

    I just rsynced a working installation from Centos 5.x to Ubuntu 11.04 LTS. I am running Release 6.0.9_GA_2686.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 NETWORK edition.

    The procedure was,
    1. Install zimba
    2. rsync /opt/zimbra
    3. Re-install zimbra
    4. Run zmfixperms extended
    5. chown zimba.zimba /opt/zimbra/.ssh -R (not sure why zmfixperms misses this directory)

    This all seems to work. The server is back up and running again with the exception of the server status screen which shows all services down. Of course, the services are all running fine according to zmcontrol status.

    I worked through a possible of causes already based on other forum posts. I've tried

    1. Regenerating SSH key and checking access
    2. sysstat is installed and status reports, " * sadc cron jobs are enabled"
    3. rsyslog is running and zmsyslogsetup re-run

    The only clue I have found is in the zmstat.out file where I see "Warning: Not possible to monitor process stats" messages.

    Would be grateful for any further pointers or ideas how to debug this issue.
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    OK. I fixed it by resetting the log data with the command libexec/zmloggerinit.

    It was still showing the partition names from the old server before this. Clearing the log data seemed to bring back the server status green ticks.

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