Hi to all.

I have read that zimbra contact are stored in mysql and not in ldap.

we are testing zimbra in order to migrate our current system, but we had several third party systems that query our current ldap addressbook, ie fax machines, hylafax, etc.

We want to continue to have this functionality for our users (the possibility of going to a manual fax machine and to search in the company addessbook for a customer or a provider and send a fax or a fax2mail directly from the machine).

Or as a example, our hylafax server query the ldap database on incoming number and uses the company name in the composing of the notification email.

So in order to keep our ldap database current we want to know how to export contacts to ldap, so I can set a cron that export the zimbra addessbook to ldap and import in our ldap server.

Is this possible?