Hello everybody,

I'am newbie with ZImbra and english too... lol
I hope to respect all forum's rules.

SO I installed ZIMBRA 7 on ubuntu.
I can send email and receive from zimbra webmail to outgoing with no problem.
I want to check outlook connection for all the client and I want to connect with POP3 only (without SSL)

I know it's better but I can't for the moment.

So In admin panel :
MTA AGENT : auth enable is checked
MTA AGENT : auth TLS ONLY is unchecked

enable POP3 service is checked
enable pop3S service is uncheckek
password text clear is checked

I try with pop3S enable or not but with out success

My error message is :

"unable to connect to server POP3; server has refused login. Please verify login for this account in account parameter. Server answer : -ERR invalid command"

The login and password is ok. There is not login or password problem....
I test with Thunderbird just for test and same problem....
But in webmail all fine.

I looking for during 3 days in zimbra forum , google, etc.. but no luck...There is certainly a parameter in ZIMBRA (maybe with ZMPROV) for enable a trick...

I read too that enable proxy maybe resolved the issue but Phoenix say not need with one server and I have just one server.

Thanks for your help that would be great appreciated