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Thread: Can I really installed multple domains on OSS version

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    Default Can I really installed multple domains on OSS version

    Hello Friends,

    I am curious to know and that's what I read on Wiki that Zimbra NE can only host multiple domains and even it is true. But when I install OSS I can create multiple domains and even users inside that. Above that mail routing works perfectly for all those domains created on OSS.

    So, what does that mean is it a bug or OSS can also support multi-tenant environment? I am really confused here.

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    "Multi-Domain" and "Multi-Tenant" are two different things

    you can happy create and make 1000's of seprate domains in OSS version and it works..only thing is there only 1 ADMIN i.e: 1 Tenant or super admin
    there is no deligated admin you can make to give deligated access to different admins.

    "Multi-Tenant" in NE means you can create deligated admin to have multiple admins/tenets


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