Hello all.

First of all, sorry for my english. We have a very strange problem in our installed ZCS Release 6.0.13_GA_2918.RHEL5_64_20110513152056 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.
Some information about our environment: about 10000 user accounts with authorization through Active Directory. All ZCS servers (ldap, strore, mta etc.) located on the same physical server. One user had incorrect sn attribute in zimbra and in AD. We changed both. I check it on zimbra "zmprov ga user@domain" - changes are successfully applied. But ZWC displaying old value in the field From: "$name $soname" <useraddr@domain>. To solve this problem i did "zmcontrol restart" and reindexed user mailbox. But it's not solve the problem, old user soname is still displayed by ZWC. I can not understand where ZWC takes the old value attribute, if it is nowhere more. Please advise me in this problem. Thanks.