We have user with a large mailbox (about 14 GB - yes, I know but don't go there it is the President) who created a new folder "Xmas List 2011" (no quotes) under another folder "Personal". This folder does not appear anywhere in their folder list (also extensive with many subfolders and all have been opened).

If you search for "Xmas List 2011" you get no results. If you search for "xmas" you see the name under the Folder column as Xmas List 2011.

If you try to create the folder it errors out with Folder exists. Did a zmblobchk and it was clean.

We have reindexed the mailbox, several times, to no avail - folder does not appear anywhere and no errors on reindex.

I don't want to do a backup and restore due to the time and am not sure even that will work.

Any suggestions or recommendations? Many thanks.

TIA, Mark