I am using Zimbra 7.x on Linux.

I have an email account in my system, and I need to allow a second user "read-only" access to the first account. Is there a straightforward way to do this without going folder by folder?


I have two accounts, baduser@mydomain.com and bossman@mydomain.com

Bossman needs to review the email of baduser as part of an investigation. Bossman does not want to have any possibility of changing the information in baduser's account. Bossman just needs to be able to easily review it.

Can I as the administrator setup bossman to have read-only access to baduser's account in order to use all the webmail client capabilities for searching the account? In my example, baduser's access to the account has been suspended. (I know I can export the account to a tgz file, but that is not desirable in this instance.)

Can anybody point me in the right direction? I am a bit new to Zimbra administration.