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Thread: Enabling BATV (prsv) signature for outbound emails

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    Default Enabling BATV (prsv) signature for outbound emails

    Good day to all-

    In order to greater increase our chances of not being flagged as spam, I would like to enable BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) for our server. My understanding is that that the source email address (internal) gets a prefix of prsv=<random number>.

    How does one enable and configure this for the MTA?

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    Any ideas? I want setup too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plastilin View Post
    Any ideas? I want setup too.
    Postfix doesn't support BATV out-of-the-box and it requires a lot of configuration (of a proxy) and it i is not a recognised standard and (AFAICT) I don't believe it's in widespread use. I'd suggest you do some research on the internet for configuring it for Postfix and perhaps also on the BATV website and/or mailing list - if you enjoy a reliable Zimbra server then IMO this really isn't something you want to shoehorn into Zimbra.

    BTW, don't resurrect threads that are over two and a halh years old - do some research first then start a new thread.


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