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Thread: Move ZM 7.1.3 from Ubunto 8.04 x64 to Ubuntu 10.04 x64

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    Default Move ZM 7.1.3 from Ubunto 8.04 x64 to Ubuntu 10.04 x64


    i have searched this forum and the wiki for information on migrate from Ubuntu 8.04 x64 to Ubuntu 10.04 x64.
    Since my sever needs to be cleaned due to lack of security, i want to do the upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 additionally. I thought i could use a temporarily v-server at jiffybox to transfer all my data to this server and after the upgrade, retransfer everything.

    My question now is, if this is possible an how i can do this. I found a tutorial in which it says to backup the full /opt/zimbra/backup directory to another server and after upgrading, retransfer it and restore the backup within the new installation. This is supposed to work as long as the old and new version of zimbra is identical. Since I#m already using the newest version of zimbra on my "old" server, i don't think there shoudl be a problem but this tutorial was written for Zimbra 5.x and 6.x and since I'm using 7.x I was wondering if this will work or if there is a better way of doing this.

    The next problem is, that there are about 60 Mailboxes on my Server and the directory /opt/zimbra/backup, with about 5 full and serverall inc. backups is so huge, I was wondering if i can just copy only the newest full backup, without any other files or do i need any other expept this one?



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    I recently did this using ZeXtra's Migration Tool

    Zextras MIGRATION TOOL Zimbra to Zimbra

    and here's my notes on it, my Ubuntu 8.04 was 32bit, but using that tool it doesn't matter

    preparing new Zmbra server for Migration

    Edit: same server upgrade is pretty risky, I would not do it without having another server to practice on

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    I agree with what xKill911 says, I wouldn't attempt an OS upgrade on the same host. It's not supported by Zimbra. and there is a pretty good chance that u will break stuff.

    If u really must do it like that at least consider pulling a P2V clone of your current environment and test what you are trying to do in a virtual environment. (and document document document )

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