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Thread: Blacklist Possibilities.

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    Unhappy Blacklist Possibilities.

    Hello All,

    Anyone please help ...I have small question....

    I am using as single server installation.
    Zimbra 6.0.9 32bit Open Source Edition
    OS : Ubuntu 8.04_32bit

    I am sending daily 1 to 2 thousand mails to gmail, yahoo & others. from single IP & Single domain.

    Is there any possibilities ? they would put me into Blacklist?

    Is there any way to send maximum mails to these domain.? (G-mail, Yahoo)

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    nope, red alert trigger if some of your emails account get hacked or virus and start sending massive amounts of spam, like 20k, 30k emails in 1 day.

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    Smile Thank You Yves Pires.

    Thanks Yves Pires,

    This is really helpful for me. And Thanks for your guidance for SPAM & Hack-proof related information .I will try to implement better security to be a Secure.
    Thank You One again. You can close the thread.



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