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Thread: zmdailyreport blocked as SPAM

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    Question zmdailyreport blocked as SPAM


    I'v just found that my zmdailyreport is being blocked as spam.

    I'm runing zcs 4.0.3 on fc4........

    Nov 12 18:21:03 mail amavis[22294]: (22294-01) Blocked SPAM, <> -> <>, Message-ID: <>, mail_id: rn69oL+ohsOr, Hits: 29.839, 104 ms

    My server name:
    my email domain:

    my admin account is

    I have two domains setup
    1 - w/mx record
    2 - w/no mx record...just for alias...

    and I have an alias of as an alias for

    any help with this would be appreciated...


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    Mark it as non junk, and maybe increase your cut off leven until the filter learns.

    Additionally, you can add it to you address book.

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