I'm trying to front-end ZCS 7.x with apache, so that I can take advantage of apache's controls.

To that end, i changed ZCS to use tcp port 8081, and just plain http. Then, I put apache on the same box, listening on 80 and 443, and reverse proxying (via . the proxy_http module) to http : // localhost : 8081 .

That works fine except when ZCS displays an absolute self-referring URL to the end-user. E.g. when sharing the 'briefcase' with an external user, the url sent to the user contains port 8081 (which I'm trying to hide w. apache, which I don't allow inbound to the ZCS host, and which would evade apache if I did allow it).

I tried to use apache's proxy_html modlue (in addition to proxy_http) to 'rewrite' those self-referring URLs that ZCS occasionally generates. However, I can't get it to work. Initially, I couldn't figure out how to make it do anything. To help solve, I tried to make it work with a remote apache server instead of zimbra's jetty. I got that to work, and so tried the same config with Jetty. It causes jetty to hang, and the web client to give this error:

Service failure
method: AjxSoapDoc.createFromXml:2
msg: Service failure
code: service.FAILURE
detail: contact your administrator (Invalid SOAP PDU)

I don't find anything related in the zimbra log files.

If I remove the apache directive 'SetOutputFilter proxy-html', then ZCS works again as normal, but mod_proxy_html has no effect.

Any ideas how to handle this problem?