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Thread: SaneSecurity Setup

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    Default SaneSecurity Setup


    I've read several discussions on the boards about SaneSecurity and due to the high level of spam I've recently (3-4 months) I'm considering implementing it.

    While I have read several threads on it, I'm not really sure I've seen it step by step.

    I found a link on the internet that has a step by step format and was wondering if any guru lurking on this board who is using SaneSecurity thinks it looks like a good guide.

    Here is the link:

    Filter out Scam and Phishing emails using SaneSecurity Clamav signatures | MDLog:/sysadmin

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oh wow. I just stumbled upon the Spam Eating Monkey GeoBL.

    If I can make that work I'll just block Asia, Europe and Africa and be done with it!

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