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Thread: Windows Authentication against Zimbra LDAP/Samba

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    Default Windows Authentication against Zimbra LDAP/Samba

    As a disclaimer, I know nothing about how Windows works in a domain environment, but I'm about to start learning. It would be a nice feature if people's Windows accounts were the same as their Zimbra accounts. This would make provisioning a heck of a lot easier. I'm not necessarily looking for someone to tell me how to do this - I'll figure it out on my own - I'm just wondering if it's even possible at all?

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    It's definitely possible!

    I am doing it right now.

    Running network version 4.0.x, can't wait for the 4.5 release.

    See my email regarding one small issue with integrating zimbra with your active directory

    Some things to remember when integrating on the zimbra config side:

    GAL mode: external
    Server type: Active Directory
    LDAP search base: dc=yourcompany,dc=com (your AD domain name)
    LDAP url: ldap://192.168.x.x:389 (your primary domain controller IP)
    Bind DN:

    Similar settins for authetication. For the standard active directory you need to provide it with a domain account so it can query it, no anonymous queries allowed by AD unless you've changed the default microsoft settings.

    One other note: Create the user accounts in AD, then go into zimbra and create an account with the exact same username, but don't fill in a password. It will grab the password from active directory automatically every time the user tries to log in.

    Hopefully this gets you started =)


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