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    Hello all, long time Zimbra user and fan. One nagging thing that is plaguing me. In the administrator web GUI when I look at the mail Queues for example, I can not resize the columns on the deferred list for example. It just allows me to drag and sort the labels. Is there a button that I hold down or some code that I can change? This is annoying me because the domains in the deferred list look like "comca..." and I have to hover over it to see "" and meanwhile the "count" column is super big to display a single number... Any input is appreciated.

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    bump? This is a really annoying issue.

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    Still nothing? going on a month here. Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belowzerotech View Post
    Still nothing? going on a month here. Please.
    The simple answer to your question is that it's not possible. While you were waiting did you search bugzilla and vote on any bug/RFE that's in there?


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    The problem is that it's not an RFE - In the past the width was wider and it allowed to display the whole username. Now, it's too narrow and won't display properly. We upgraded from 5 to 7, so not sure when this was changed.

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