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Thread: Chrome SSL/TLS warnings?

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    Question Chrome SSL/TLS warnings?

    Hi, all.

    For those (probably few) of you who run Zimbra with SSL/TLS and Chrome: it seems Chrome is really strict about displaying SSL warnings when there's unsecured content on a page and this is something that customers tend to notice.

    I suspect this is caused by all those links to Is there some option for ensuring all links to use https, or a way to remove them altogether? Trying to hack my way through java code has been rather tedious because the warning is there even after you log in, so it's not specific to the login page.



    ZCS Open Source edition 7.1.3 on Ubuntu 10.04.3 amd64.

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    Well, this issue mysteriously resolved itself somehow. Still, it'd be interesting to know why it happens.

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