I see that there are LOTS of ways to backup Zimbra, but I'm trying to understand just how the mail and calendar works.

I see that messages are stored in /opt/zimbra/store and that this is 99% of the data that I want (I think).

I want to transfer the mail/calendar/briefcase from my primary server over to the secondary. The secondary server is used by a couple scripts to send email, and thus it cannot be a true duplicate of the primary. Thusly, I don't want to overwrite its server settings. I just want to have user data the same.

I found this describing the format:

For minimal downtime, it sound like I could just stop zimbra, copy /opt/zimbra/store to /backup/zimbra, start zimbra, then rsync /backup/zimbra over to the backup server into the same location. Would this work? I can't seem to find a post about where the other items are stored.