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Thread: Clarification on Domain Alias Reply-To address

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    Default Clarification on Domain Alias Reply-To address

    I'm reading and reading but there seems to be unclear information reguarding how Zimbra behaves with domain aliases.

    So lets say you have a primary domain and you want create an aliase of so that when people send email to it arrives in there mailbox. Easily done.

    But, when aperson sends email from their address is there a way to default the reply-to address to Or is that done automagically because of the "to:" address of the original? or can it be set somewhere per account?

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    Default Nevermind

    I've figured it out, but have a slightly different question now. I've also found another post related to this with no answer.

    Each account has an "accounts" section in the preferences that allows a user to set the "from" field as it appears and the "reply-to" action for that account.

    However what are the associated CLI commands to do this by script? I have over 200 accounts that need various aliases and appropriate settings configured for this. It will be daunting to do manually.

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    what you need is alternate identities each account

    you can set by cos if a user is allowed to have any alternate account adress (he can enter whaeverhewant.whitehouse.bla)
    or only bound aliases

    in both cases you have to make a new identity or edit the from address of the default ident

    in case they are boudn user can only use the dropdown to chose any aliase on main domain AND samealaises@otherdomain

    in addition you can set a basic action for those accounts like "reply to",.... action but you need a new ident or edit default

    people can choose then always which address shold be used when they are wrinting new or replying

    i think its possible to set new identities by batch zmprov - but sorry i dont know the exact path for this

    ps: do not forget you can also set the signature depending on the account -
    for example signature 1 for idetitity default
    signature2 for identity

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