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Thread: Zimbra Backup/Restore- Single Mailbox

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    Default Zimbra Backup/Restore- Single Mailbox

    We are running ZCS network edition 7.1 GA.

    We are trying to restore a particular mailbox from the full backup taken a week back. When we try to use the same to restore, we receive the below error.

    [zimbra@zmsa ~]$ zmrestore -a -restoreToTime "2011/05/12 09:03:31" -lb full-20111205.024940.937 -ca -pre restored_
    using restore to time of 2011/05/12 09:03:31
    Error occurred: no such account: Account ID for not found in backup full-20111205.024940.937

    We have tried the web console also but this users' mailbox is not getting restored. Please advice on what is wrong.

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