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Thread: How to change admin account to a Group ID

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    Unhappy How to change admin account to a Group ID

    Hi All,

    I am facing a strange problem. Somebody please help me out!

    I have changed one proprietary email server to ZIMBRA Open Source Edition ( zcs-7.1.3_GA_3346 ) and it is working fine.

    Now i need to change to a Group id, because it is the established mail id of our ADMIN Department. In the previous mail server , it was a Group id with 10 Top Level users.
    Unfortunately I missed that and I installed ZIMBRA. As all of us know is the administrator account of ZIMBRA, so I am forced to change it to a group ID

    In this point I desperately seek your advice,

    If I do ,

    1. Create a new global administrator account
    2. Delete the default administrator
    3. Create a new group id and put the top level users in it

    Will it work? Do I need to change any configuration files to achieve this? Kindly advise ..!!

    - Thank you

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    i may be mistaken but i think its no an entirely good idea because i think its in localconf too

    better rename the current admin account (theres some threads about that are somewhere here)

    then make the distribution list for your admins

    way #2
    defently easier
    make a distribution list
    and make a mail forward from admin account to the DL

    PS: personally ife simple deaktivated the admin account and made a newone for security reasons
    and use the forward to the new account
    because you can login with an alias i dont wated to have a know alias for an admin account

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    Thank you bofh,

    As per your advice ,
    I'm planing to rename admin to emailadmin , Does it reflect in localconf ??
    And I will create a DL named and put the special users in it.

    Shall I go ahead with this plan ?
    Expecting your valuable comments on this..!

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    agian im not really shure if its affects but i think you should be save - but there a lot threads about that so you may wanna look into these

    but wait a second - what you mean with admin - you mean administrator right ?
    i dont have a user admin i had an user administrator

    i personally simply deaktivated administrator after creating a real admin account with apropiate rights and had no issues at all

    however i too a look at local config - all i found was - notify user admin... since i dont have that adress i made now an admin account with no rights and no login and forward all mails to the real admin

    still wondering maybe i accidently delete admin alias lol

    Edit: i believe the only critical part is the user zimbra which is configured also in localconf with ldap path
    so we really should be save - of course as usual make a backup lol

    of course you may wanna rename the av_notify_user / smtp_destination / smtp_source
    those are used for admin notifications - so you may dont wanna spam your team with that - on the other hand they also recive messages then if some mails are removed because of virus filtering
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