Hello everyone. My company is about to embark on a Zimbra pilot in the next couple of weeks. We are primarily a Windows shop, with a few scattered MAC users. I am both. I am a system administrator who is helping to implement the pilot. I was familiarizing myself with the web client using my Firefox browser on my MAC and everything was great. However, on my Windows PC, using IE 8, when I open the web client, I briefly (less than 1 second) see the tabs across the top (Mail | Address Book | Calendar | Tasks | Briefcase | Preferences | Social | Smartsheet), but then they disappear. They stay there on my Firefox browser, and that makes it easy to navigate between your calendar, mail, etc. Without those tabs, on my IE browser, if I click on my calendar on the left side navigation bar, the only way to get back to my mail is to use the back button on my browser. Since the world is still 99% Windows and IE, I can't imagine that this isn't just a browser setting I need to change. Has anyone seen this, and can offer a fix?