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Thread: Upgraded Zimbra to find my 15 Professional licenses turn into Open Source (No MAPI)

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    Default Upgraded Zimbra to find my 15 Professional licenses turn into Open Source (No MAPI)


    I purchased a Zimbra Starter version, at the time was 6.0.8, which has in the specifications a limit of 15 Professional Users. However during the year there was a new release of version 7.

    Well I've upgraded to this release over the quite holiday break and now the product indicates that I do not have any Professional Users (no mapi) only 15 Web/Mobile users and my installation indicated that it was now an Open Source version?

    I've re-downloaded the License incase this format had changed between versions however still the same.

    The Upgrade went without any errors. The OS is RedHat ES5 32. The Zimbra version was 7.0.1 however I since also upgraded it to the latest version with patch. Release 7.1.3_GA_3346.RHEL5_20110928134522 RHEL5 NETWORK edition, Patch 7.1.3_P1.

    Help? How can I get my MAPI back?

    NEW: I viewed the License file and to my amazment the file indicates that the number of MAPI and ISync users is zero. I don't understand this as I purchased the Starter edition and is clearly describes that the Professional User limit is 15 which from my reading means the MAPI and ISync users should be 15.

    How can I get this resolved? I shouldn't need to re-purchase however I need this resolved where too from here?

    Kind Regards

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