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Thread: [SOLVED] some users getting login errors using ActiveSync

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    Default [SOLVED] some users getting login errors using ActiveSync

    So, I had users getting strange errors trying to connect via ActiveSync to ZCS NE 7.1.3 after installing zimbra-proxy. Google found nobody that was getting these errors, so I'm mostly posting this so it'll show up in searches for any future people who run into this error.

    The users who were unable to log in would have errors like this show up in mailbox.log:

    2011-12-31 11:43:28,642 INFO [btpool0-76://] [] nginx - user not

    Note the two @ signs in there. Turns out several of our users had put the domain name of the server into their "Domain" field in the ActiveSync setup. When talking to Zimbra's mailbox server directly it apparently takes this. The proxy authentication within nginx does not. In order for authentication via nginx to work, the users needed to leave the "Domain" field blank in their ActiveSync config.

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    Also, taking a wild guess, I suspect that leaving the off of your username and placing that in the domain field by itself would likely work, too, but we didn't try that yet. I suspect if you're using ActiveDirectory on the back end that the domain might actually matter, but since we're not...

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