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Thread: Wrong distribution list membership displayed in ZCS GUI...

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    Default Wrong distribution list membership displayed in ZCS GUI...


    In a patched Zimbra 7.1.3 install I have these distribution lists:


    Now, when I want to see the list membership via the regular/non-admin ZCS interface for "" and either:

    1) click the "Expand" link in the small auto-complete popup which displays when entering "staff" in the "To:" field of a new message, or...

    2) click the small grey triangle in the detail pane from the "Staff" ( Global Address List entry...

    ... I am shown the list membership in error instead of the membership.

    Mail sent to all lists is delivered to the correct membership, the issue appears related only to the display of list membership in the ZCS GUI via the two methods described. (And, the list membership displays correctly in the Admin interface.)

    Said another way, distribution list membership in the ZCS non-Admin GUI is incorrect for a list who's entire name ("staff") exists as part of another list's ("marketing_staff") name, with the latter displayed instead in error.

    Any ideas?

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