I have set up a ZCS server (Release 7.1.3_GA_3346.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition, Patch 7.1.3_P1.).

One account is completly shared to the users.
Some users have manager (rwixd) and some administrator (rwixda) rights.
The shared account is mounted for every user.

Sharing the account and setting the mount points is done like discribed in wiki:
zmmailbox -z -m share@domain.com mfg / account user@domain.com rwixd
zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com cm /shared share@domain.com /)

Lets say the Briefcase has the following directory structur:

If I am logged in to the shared account, I can move "folder2" from "folder1" to "folder3".

If I am logged in as a user, moving folders is not possible. Changing from manger to administrator rights doesn't change this behaviour.

Is there any way to configure the share or the mounts to make moving or deleting folders possible?

Thanks for your help
Best regards
Randolf Kastenmaier