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Thread: Pre-trial questions (OS,aliases,Outlook)

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    Question Pre-trial questions (OS,aliases,Outlook)

    Hi all,

    We looked at Zimbra in the past - say about 3 to 4 years ago. Now we're back, trialling email platforms again!

    Sadly I've wasted too much time lately installing and configuring other platforms to find out it couldn't satisfy certain requirements. So, I would be most grateful if someone could answer a few queries for me before I start with Zimbra:

    We intend to trial the Applicance / Pro version.

    1) Is Zimbra tested and stable on CentOS 6.2?

    2) Does the Outlook connecter fully support calendar and contact syncing as well as providing an 'out-of-office' configurator for the end-user?

    3) Does the Outlook connector fully support Outlook 2010?

    4) Is it easy to add email aliases to existing email accounts within Zimbra?

    5) If we authenticate users via LDAP (Active Directory) will Zimbra pull all the user's contact details from AD into the Zimbra contacts book/directory?

    I think that's all for now!

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    1. The network edition of zimbra is not supported on centos, but i've never seen anybody have a problem using the RHEL version and know quite a few people doing it.

    2,3,4 yes

    5. You can setup the global address list to sync from active directory

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    Fantastic. Thank you very much

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