I am currently running a ZCS Network install quite successfully on a Sun x4150 with dual Intel Xeon x5460 (@3.16GHz) with 32GB of RAM. The only time we experience any real problems is when our weekly full backup is running and our CPU gets pegged at this point. So we aren't really having any major problems but we have some room in our budget and are considering upgrading the hardware we are running Zimbra on.

We are looking at the Dell R715s with AMD Opterons and have the decision between more slower cores vs less cores but faster cores. As far as Zimbra is concerned, which of these options will provide the greatest benefit to Zimbra?

Are there any other hardware recommendations that anyone can offer?

We have about 340 active users and we do not limit their inbox size at all. We don't generally end up with huge amounts of data because a lot of our users are only using the calendar functionality but we do have some pretty large accounts.

All feedback is appreciated.