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Thread: Realising role-mailboxes and/or child accounts

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    Default Realising role-mailboxes and/or child accounts for team-mailboxes

    Hi there,

    we are currently evaluating the use of ZCS in our non-profit organisation.
    An important function is the use of mailboxes for roles/functions.

    Our first approach was to have accounts, that do not belong to specific people.
    As this is not practical, we are now looking to other possibilities.

    - child accounts
    We tried to create function-mailboxes (like sales@..., finance@...) and attach those to specific people.
    Now the people can send emails with their private address as well as the sales@...
    Is there any possibility to manage this via GUI? We don't want to use the CLI every time.
    Also, we would like to see the parent- and childaccounts in the properties of one account.

    - shared folders
    Is it possible to have one shared folder, where all the emails of one address are going to?
    I haven't seen a possibility to share the inbox.

    Is there anyone who is using a similar model of email-addresses in Zimbra?
    As we want to move around 150 accounts to Zimbra Network Edition these questions are very important for us.

    Thanks in advance,
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    i dont think theres any way to manage the parent/child from the gui.

    we use resources for shared folders for projects (they don't take up licenses).

    So like we create a resource then it's inbox is shared to everyone. whoever works on that project then can mount that inbox and file emails there. they can also cc that address for any emails and have it automatically go in to the project folder

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    Thanks for your reply!
    We tried some of the available options and have two questions:

    Does anybody know if it's possible to access a child-account via IMAP?
    So far we haven't seen an option to do this.

    I created a resource calles "sales" and a distribution list "salesTeam". The user "michael" is in "salesTeam".
    After sharing the inbox from "sales" to the distribution list, the user "michael" receives an invitation.
    When I add people to the list after sharing the mailbox, how do they get access?

    thanks, christoph

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