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Thread: Web interface will not show up

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    Default Web interface will not show up

    I had a power failure on my MAC power pc running the zimbra mail server.
    When I powerd it back up and started all the services mail server etc ...
    I wen to the admin page and the colors appeared but not the log on window.
    This same situation is occurs when I go to the user login.

    I check all the services -- database, web server, tomcat, mail server -- all seem to be running with out error. However when I look at the logs....
    Check that -- now that I have checked and corrected a few things I get this error when I try to start ther services..

    bin zimbra$ ./zmcontrol start
    Starting ldap...Done.
    ERROR - failed to start slapd

    then the prompt comes back.

    I would like to try to fix this but -- also think that maybe I should just reinstall.

    Power PC Mac dual Proc 10.4.8
    before power failure things were beautiful....
    any help or suggestions

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    Default check zimbra.log?

    Have you checked /opt/zimbra/zimbra.log or /var/log/zimbra.log when you start the service?

    I find it easiest to open a new shell and tail-f the log while the service is starting in the original shell.

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