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Thread: Gmail as External Account problem

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    Default Gmail as External Account problem

    Helly everyone,

    I'm connecting my external mailbox as external account, and I keep getting this message:

    Error: system failure: Unable to connect to IMAP server: 
    DataSource: { id=7676eb21-bacc-410f-aae6-1202fe4df978, type=imap,
    isEnabled=true, name=Gmail Account,, port=993,
    connectionType=ssl, username=(...), folderId=14378 },  Account exceeded
    command or bandwidth limits. (Failure)
    I tried few fixes found around this forum, but unfortunately they didnt't help me at all. is there some kind of universal way to fix this problem?
    And also, is it possible to use Google SMTP as outgoing mail server?

    thanks in advance,
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