OK, just blew up the mail server trying to install a program. Using FOSS 7.1.3 64 bit on SLES11. Not long ago i migrated from 32 bit SLES10 to 64 bit SLES11 on a new server. I followed Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki to the "T" a number of times and always seem to either have mailbox starting problems or permissions problems. So, given the program messup and the permissions, i think i will just reinstall again!! I got a Backup Exec 2010 backup this morning on the mail server. I am restoring the /opt/zimbra/* files and folders now. My question is this:
after the format and OS reinstall then zimbra install, can i just shut zimbra down and copy the restored zimbra files and folders over the "new" zimbra install and be OK? Will need, mail, contacts, briefcase files etc but think if i copy the restored files and folders onto the new install, that will work.