So I've successfully completed a challenging migration yet there is something quite strange going on.

I upgraded from Zimbra 6.0.13 on Ubuntu 8.04 x32, to Ubuntu 10.04 x64 Zimbra 7.1.3.

because of the arch incompatibility to do a straight upgrade, I used imapsync to physically copy all user data from old server to new across the network. This worked relatevely well with some scripting and a user account/password list. The new system is up and running fine and there doesn't seem to be any problems but there is one very strange thing.

On the old server my /opt directory was approximately 215 gigs. There were actually MORE user accounts (280) on the old system as I used this opportunity to prune old unused mailboxes. The new system has fewer user accounts (220) and yet the /opt directory is pushing 430 gigs.

This strikes me as incredibly strange, especially when the physical size increase appears to be exactly double. What could have caused this?? I wouldn't be too concerned except the drive assigned to /opt is only 500g @RAID 50 which "should" have lasted ample years. If this is normal and uncorrectable I will need to quickly increase its size.

The only other thing that I feel is worth mentioning is that I had synced approximately 80% of the data to the new server on install 7.1.2 and then ran the upgrade to 7.1.3 and resynch'd. Is it possible that it literally duplicated data?? I checked several mailboxes and no duplicate mail messages appear to be visible...

Any ideas???